Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Couple of Precious Metal Clay Pendants Popped In

I'm still into earrings, polymer clay, right now.  I do create Precious metal clay and Bronze clay earrings, but as of the last few weeks,  it's been polymer!  Still, as of my last post, I wonder why hoops, usually silver hoops are worn by about 80% of women and girls.  I have decided hoops are a "go to pair of earrings" because they go with everything.  You can wear them dress up or dress down.  They go with any color and pattern of clothing you wear.  Hoops are very comfortable to wear and lightweight, as well.

This bears hard on a polymer clay artist, who like color and different shapes.  This is somewhat difficult.  There is a market for polymer earrings, but it's sometimes hard to find that customer.

I am sometimes asked to create a custom pair for a local customer, but these are few in my world.  I just need to research and work harder on this issue.  I need to find colors and non-colors AND shapes that appeal.  Here are a few images of the polymer earrings:

Here's a couples of Precious metal clay pendants, I managed to work in:


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