Sunday, June 22, 2014

Earring Styles

What is your favorite earring style to wear?  Which earrings are your "go to pair"?   What pair do you grab when you're in a hurry or running out the door.  If you are like most people that I observe, it is a simple pair of silver metal hoops.  Why is that?  From familiarity, habit, security, "a go with everything and every situation" average pair.  I wonder what makes a girl/woman choose these.  Of all the many, many styles to choose from, why do we choose these sometimes boring hoops.  No matter the size, they can be, in my humble opinion, mediocre and unimaginative.  It would be interesting to take an earring poll to see why we choose these boring hoops!  I hope I can raise some interest here as to our choices in earring style.  Please, could I have some feedback.  Why do you wear hoop earrings?What is your favorite earring style?

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