Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finished Orders

  Hello, I am sitting here contemplating where to go next.  I have finished my wholesale order and my custom order. I am not complaining---I'd love to have more orders to create.  Jewelry is so individual.  Jewelry has to be seen to be appreciated and desired.  You never know what sparks a purchase by an individual.  It has to be seen and even better touched by the buyer, if at all possible.  How do you decide this pendant is me or this ring, I just have to have.  Or, this bracelet is for my daughter.  It's just her taste.

  I am very interested in the decisions made when purchasing handmade jewelry.  Whether it is an impulse buy or a planned purchase.  I like rings so naturally I'm always looking at rings that fit my style. 

What piece of jewelry and style of jewelry to you tend to look for or go to. It may be a gift you've been thinking of purchasing for a loved one or for a friend.

If it's a custom piece of jewelry you've been thinking about, just shoot me an email:

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