Thursday, October 10, 2013

Having Fun and Off Schedule

What do you do when fun things and some not so fun can take you off your schedule.  Planned  my family's picnic, which went very well, by the way.  I was asked to create black and white hounds tooth cane and created sample earrings from the cane.
 Finished the jewelry for a wholesale account, which took longer than I thought. Worked on an order for supplies for my guild. Collaborated with a good friend, Suzanne Ivester to create a pendant with inspiration from a much magnified photo from a nature book of a butterfly wing.  Photo below.
  Prepared clay for a great Kathleen Dustin purse workshop.  Here's a couple of photos of my purse. The purse is all polymer, except for the  rubber strap.  If you get a chance to take  a workshop from Kathleen Dustin, you want will thoroughly enjoy it.

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