Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Still At It

  Well,  We're having winter again, Dogwood winter.  The temperature went from 84* on Saturday to 37* and snow today, April 15th!  Oh well, hang around in East Tennessee and it will change.  Meantime,  Pardo Translucent has taken over my creative time, still!  I need to get a new supply, soon. I am trying new ideas, hollow beads and adding alcohol inks in different ways.  One necklace is so hard to photo.  It is white with translucent and difficult to capture the image in an attractive way.  I will post photos when I get one!  I do have a pair of large pink hollow with copper bead cap and copper wires that turned out well. Here's another pink petal necklace with crystals and I have more to come.  I love it. 

I have developed some hollow beads with a particular technique I haven't seen used before.  It may be out there and being used by someone in the polymer clay world.  I am going to write a tutorial for it soon as well as one for Pardo translucent beads I make.

Pardo Trans. jewelry blog post

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