Friday, January 31, 2014

Big Learning Curve

My daughter sent a photo of silver wire and freshwater pearl earrings. Having no wire working experience, I thought, "that's looks simple", I think I can make those earrings for her.  Well.......let me tell you  After wrapping the ends of  pliers with masking tape, I began.  First, I had to find silver wire thin enough for the freshwater pearls to fit on    Ok, I'm ready to start bending the wire .  I estimate the length and cut the wires.  With my round nose pliers, I began making my spirals.. Found out I couldn't bend both earrings at the same time.  I made one spiral, added the pearl, bent down the ear wire.  Picked up the other earring and tried to match the spiral of the first earring.  Well,  that wasn't so simple, but I carried on and they match, if you don't look too close!  I finished them off with a bur to smooth the ear wire ends.  I hunted up my ball peen hammer and began hammering the spirals. This part, too, is a serious learning curse. The first spiral I hammered to thin and had to cut another wire and bend the spiral and ear wire.  Whew!  I will add a photo, later.  I will need lots and lots of practice!

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