Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Now Back To My Claying

Most of the Christmas decorations, gift wrapping, boxes, etc are neatly stored and I'm on to my claying projects.  I have three projects or ideas going right now and I want to get my Bronz metal clay out of the refrigerator.  I have been so excited to explore an idea I have for a Faux Needlepoint technique.  One of the reasons this came about was to use some of the many flower canes I have made and have stored in plastic boxes and drawers in my craft room.  I am not succeeding in using the flower canes up!  I began making floral and leaf canes and continued and continued.  Some are ok and some canes are not !  I have improved in this technique over the years, but still have many, many canes.  Here are some images of this project.

  What do you think?  Like the Idea?  I do.  I Like to cut into clay and create different looks and techniques.