Saturday, June 23, 2012

Talking About Custom Jewelry

What are the appropriate questions and information needed for creating a pleasing custom piece of jewelry for someone?   Recently, I was asked by a friend of my daughter's to create a metal clay pendant for a ten year anniversary for the founder of a club.  Since I did not know or had not seen the founder,  I asked the event coordinator of the club several questions about the founder, such as, what type of jewelry she wears.  What type of personality does she have.  Does she dress conservative, classic, hip, or more flamboyant.  This information helps me fit the jewelry piece to the person because I want her to be pleased and accepting of the pendant. It evens helps me decide what type of chain to use with it.  I found that she was very classic and conservative, so I created a mold from an antique button and then created the pendant, using Precious Metal Clay III and adding a "10" in the center of it. The chain I used was an 18 inch sterling silver snake chain.  I inserted some images of the pendant below.  By the way, the founder was very pleased with her jewelry!