Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dragonflies Have Flown Off

Well.......the dragonflies that I have been working on for a custom order have flown off, along with a custom metal clay pendant. The hardest issue I had with the dragonflies is keeping the wings securely attached to their bodies. I inserted wire for support but polymer clay and wire do not adhere to each other without super glue gel! Some had to be reglued and liquid polymer clay added to wings and body of dragonflies. I created the cells of the wings with transparent and silver clay. Molded the wings and added blue-green interference powders (Perfect Pearls) and a little silver powder to the bodies of the dragonflies. Hopefully, in transport, the wings will stay securely attached. Lastly, I added the floral wire cut to twelve inches, and super glued the wires into the underside of the dragonflies. More than twenty flew off.