Friday, March 9, 2012

Working in Bronz Clay

I recently began working in Bronz metal clay. Mostly because I wanted to create a python snake toggle and clasp. Well, I studied the mechanics of the kiln settings and educated myself about working with the Bronz clay. Working with the clay is not much different than silver metal clay but the firing and kiln settings are different. I placed the dry, cleaned, snake toggle and clasp into the carbon in the stainless steel lidded container and fired per the directions I have. The circled snake came out ok, but per directions on reduction in firing, it was a bit large for the size toggle clasp I wanted to use on my necklace. The second, third and fourth circled snake part came apart. I stopped at this point, I wanted to enter the IPCA's Progress and Possibilities contest and time was getting close. I had already created a python skin cane in polymer clay for my beads. I added tumbled picture jasper beads and lava beads to my necklace. I used the very first Bronz snake toggle clasp I created and I think the necklace came out pretty much like I had envisioned. I called the necklace "Slither"
I did not win or place, but I enjoyed the process and will twik the Bronz firing!
Here's a photo of my python necklace: