Thursday, December 8, 2011

What Are People Buying

After attending a wholesale show on Monday, I observed guests buying bling. Perhaps this is a one time Holiday shopping for all. Guests were buying! Bling was everywhere. Clothing, holiday decorations and jewelry. I, myself indulged in bling by purchasing an outlandish Holiday wreath for my front door. I thought, "why not" create some holiday excitement and enjoy. Quite a change from the evergreen wreath with fruit and nuts with a red bow.
In another booth, costume jewelry is big and sparklely. Large earrings, necklaces, watches with lots of rhinestones and bright colors! Animal prints are very much with us. Purses, jackets, scarves shouted animal prints as well as feathers. Lots of feather lapel pins, hair accessories and in floral arrangements,
In my own handmade jewelry, I am including beads of python design and clasps made to imitate snakes. Another is feathers. Caned polymer clay feathers and metal clay feathers. You will want to try some!