Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sometimes Handmade Jewelry Becomes Work

Designing and creating handmade jewelry is what I like to do, most of the time I'm creating.  However, it can become like work to me when I have a deadline and I am behind in my scheduled creations.  I always try to keep my word and finish on time when working with a client.
I spread my wings and tried--wholesale.  I most often consign, but would love to wholesale more.  I am just beginning and hope to do more, if I can. 
While I love to design and create, usually one-of-a-kind jewelry, I need an outlet for these designs.  Marketing is time consuming and all the time. You are trying to get your product out before people, interested and repeat clients and potential buyers.  Actually, marketing should be a full time job for an employee, if you can manage this luxury.  If not, you are your own marketing agent.  Marketing takes away from your creative time in a big way.  You must be well organized and have a schedule to follow in your marketing.  I am not the best at scheduling, but am getting more organized as I go along in this journey.