Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What is The Difference in Translucent Polymer Clays

As you may have noticed, I enjoy working in translucent polymer clay.  I have worked with several clay brands and the new Pardo translucent is the clearest and most transparent that I have found.  I use alcohol inks for the color in the hollow beads I create. After mixing in the ink, I form a thin layer on the glass Christmas bulbs, then bake.  With my glasses on and a large set of pliers and gently crush the glass inside the bead into a lined trash can. I'm always looking for different shapes to use for beads.  Then create a  design for the beads into a necklace.  The necklaces are so very light weight and easy to wear.  You'll feel like checking to see if you are still wearing it! 

I was purchasing Pardo clay at Hobby Lobby, but now need to purchase on line.  It is not always easy to get Pardo Translucent.  I am writing a tutorial on creating hollow translucent beads and will  promote soon.

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