Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring is Such A Lovely Time

Spring is such an wonderful and lovely time of the year.  I don't know anyone who doesn't feel the difference in their lives in the springtime.  It is a fresh beginning, awakening and new growth.  Spring is a busy time, also, with graduations, weddings, picnics and gatherings.   Metal Clay and Polymer Clay workshops are held during springtime, as well as many other mediums and groups. 

I have a few new pieces of jewelry I have photographed and will list here:
The translucent beads are fun to make and I will be glad to share the process I use.   I use Pardo Trans. and a very small amount of alcohol ink.  Mix well, then
take a small amount of the clay mix and form around small glass bulbs.  Bake, tented with aluminum foil and, at a slightly lower temperature for 30 minutes. 
When I began working with polymer clay several years ago, I created flowers, leaves and flower canes.  I created hundreds!  Now to use all these flower and leaf canes!  The Flower Garden neckpiece is one of the pieces.  The canes are simple and various techniques for flowers.
The watercolor jewelry began from using the watercolor technique, a variation of Maggie Maggio.
  I enjoy working with these mediums and creating handmade jewelry.  Have an awesome day and go create something!