Thursday, April 9, 2009

Trying to regroup

I've got several ideas going around in my head--some polymer and some metal clay. I also, have to learn how to fire my bronzclay; once I actually create a piece. I'm still hesitant to open it. I've got to learn how to set my kiln to fire my pieces (Homework and research). I had an opportunity to go by Arrowmont to visit a friend who was there taking Jeff Dever's polymer class and I met Jeff. I really admire his pods. His work and construction is awesome! I would have enjoyed taking his class, but I am in Myrtle Beach visiting my son, Scott from California and my daughter, Sherri and her husband, David , who live here in Myrtle Beach. I'm trying to think about designing some new pieces combining polymer and metal clay. When I finish the new work, I will show photos.