Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cold Canvas

I was reading an update on one of my pages on line about showing your wares to shops and I wanted to add what I have done to call on shops, galleries and boutiques. I am not an expert, by any means, but I have done what I call cold canvas, which came by way of my husband's insurance business. Create your varied samples of your work. As in my case, get you a nice jewelry case, add trays, as nice as you can afford and fill it with your beautiful creations and designs. You will also need to have with you your business card, with all your contact information on it. Dress appropriately and wear a smile. Some shops require an appointment with the owner of the shop. Off you go! Plan your visits. Don't try too many places in one day. Maybe three, or at the most four shops. Try to go early in the week, maybe a Tuesday or Wednesday. If cold canvasing, walk in confidently, smile, introduce yourself and ask to see the manager or owner of the shop. Show all your lovely samples and explain what you create and what materials you use. Hand your business card to the person and say" I admire your shop and would like to have my jewelry (designs, wares, creations) represented here. Would you be willing to include my work in your shop?" After the owner selects designs to include in their shop, ask if they have their on contract or if you should present yours. Usually the shop owner will have a standard contract they use. If not, prepare a simple contract with all the pertinent information on it, a place for both signatures and dates, insurance and theft information, etc. After the details are out of the way, thank them their time and the opportunity to have your wares in their shop. Go to your studio and work like heck to create, create , create. Price tags added to your designs with price, ID, short description and maybe your initials or even better, your custom price tags. When you are ready to bring your designs to the selected shop, include a typed list with a description of your designs, identity number, prices, materials along with date and your contact information. Good luck and go for it!